Elijah Cummings Widow Maya Rips President Trump At Husband’s Baltimore Funeral

Dr. Maya Rockeymoore cummings joined Barack and hillary to show a somber event compliance her late husband prophet into a Trump-bashing session for the ages.

They all took their several shots at Trump serving no purpose however to settle petty scores to the house crowd.

Look, she is sorrowing and might say whatever the hell she needs however it’s quite weak to require shots at Trump as the way of celebrating the lifetime of a legend. however the Democrats still surprise.

President Obama, he was thus proud. He was thus proud. to face with you and for you early, to be your co-chair here within the state of Maryland, to function your chief attorney on the House Oversight Committee, and to create positive that you just and your administration were very well, Rockeymoore cummings aforesaid.

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