Ilhan Omar Introduces Resolution Condemning Racism, White Men, And The Jews

WASHINGTON, D.C. A constant target of remarks from President Trump, as well as chants of send her back from a recent rally.

Representative Ilhan Omar has introduced a resolution to the House of Representatives inculpatory the 3 things she finds most dangerous to society: racism and white men and also the Jews.

It’s time to require a stand and say there’s nothing additional un-american than judging folks by the colour of their skin, Omar aforesaid on the House floor, except for perhaps white men. And Jews. Let’s add the Jews too i assume.

Omar found particularly racist Trump’s remarks concerning folks going back to where they come from,” and specifically condemns that language within the resolution, saying sensible folks would ne’er use such language, particularly against evil white men,

since then they’d simply stick around here. She additionally detected that if Jews went back to wherever they came from they’d simply return to Israel, that she doesn’t need. “But perhaps we tend to may push them into the sea or something.

Omar acknowledges that her resolution, despite having facilitate from “the Squad,” is unlikely to pass, that she blames on discrimination against somebody like her and evil Zionist cash.