Mayor of Venice warns anyone heard shouting “Allah Akbar”.. will be SHOT INSTANTLY

The politician of the attractive Italian city venice has proclaimed that he has deployed snipers across the world WHO can instantly shoot anyone WHO is detected screaming ‘Allah Akbar.’

This call comes at a time once there’s a good deal of concern in major European cities concerning islamic terrorism, especially when the deadly barcelona attack.
Luigi Brugnaro extra that he has ‘never been correctness,’ and it looks that he had no qualms concerning taking this drastic action to forestall terrorist acts from being dole out in venice.

It also means that anyone WHO merely screams the phrase to come up with fear conjointly risks being shot on sight. He said: “Anyone WHO shouts Allahu Akbar in St Mark’s square will expect to be gunned down by snipers inside four paces.” He conjointly said that anyone caught doing this might be ‘sent straight to God.’

While his tough-talking is one issue, you have to admire the fact that his words area unit being secured with action. saying that you simply are about to tackle terrorist act is one issue, but really putting folks on the streets to ‘take care of business’ is another.

There will be those that disagree with this approach, however they should raise themselves one simple question: What different do we have right now? If anyone is stupid enough to utter these words loudly in a very public place, surely they need to expect consequences given the present situation.

More importantly, ANyone WHO is currently silly enough to undertake and carry out a terrorist act in an often-packed metropolis will expect their efforts to be quickly squashed.